Araucaria araucana


First ever drawing of one of my flagship paintings.
Monkey Puzzle Tree, a challenge! Cross-eyed design, very spiny and painful. They took me to the top of the tree to choose my own sample with a full protection cable and helmet. The tree was really high, and it was not easy to hold or touch to the branches. Every leaf has very strong and stiff but fine needles. Painful, really painful.
Finally I got my sample, and after about a month, I have just managed to draw it! My eyes suffered, as it was impossible to follow the leaf you were drawing. I added some white marks on the actual leaves just to be able to remember ‘Which one I am looking at?’

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Drawn on a Catridge paper, 120 gsm. Plant was bigger than the paper, so I have combined a few papers together. It looks sketchy, it looks historical! I always work from live specimens and with scientific support from experts in the species. Plants are drawn life size. Drawing will be delivered without mounts and frames, and will be sent with a certificate with your name. The prices include postage.

If you would like to have a closer look, the original paintings can be seen at Evin Art Gallery, Istanbul.

The gallery images have a subtle indication of the border to show the paper edge and to help appreciate the paper’s actual size.

Date – 2009
Paper Size – 50 x 70 cm

If you would like to purchase this original painting, you will also receive a complimentary;

∴ ‘Sketch of Gunnera tinctoria leaf ’ original painting. Size of the painting is 35 x 22 cm, watercolor on Fabriano 5 paper.

Limited edition prints are not available!

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