Calystegia sepium


Such a lovely plant that covers all the garden with its delicate white flowers. Wide open during the day, completely close itself during the night. It needed a delicate touch while collecting this sample to not to damage, and a careful positioning to see what I wanted to see.

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Drawn on a Moleskine paper, 120 gsm. You will feel the smooth surface of such paper! I always work from live specimens and with scientific support from experts in the species. Plants are drawn life size. Drawings will be delivered without mounts and frames, and will be sent with a certificate with your name. The prices include postage.

If you would like to have a closer look, the original paintings can be seen at Evin Art Gallery, Istanbul.

The gallery images have a subtle indication of the border to show the paper edge and to help appreciate the paper’s actual size.

Date – 2018
Paper Size – 42 x 29,5 cm


Limited edition prints are not available!

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